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Zetagen discovered and patented a new molecular pathway via a safe and proven small molecule which was originally approved by the FDA in 1971 to produce a truly inductive biologic to inhibit bone metastases and regenerate bone. Through this new mechanism of action (MOA), which is a novel molecular pathway, this small molecule, precisely-dosed, delivered to the affected area through a proprietary drug-eluting carrier, stimulates stem cells, activating cells to grow healthy bone known as “osteoblasts”, and inhibits cells associated with bone degradation called “osteoclasts”.
Our product, ZetaMet™ has thus far demonstrated its ability to resolve existing metastatic bone lesions, inhibit pain, and stimulate targeted bone regeneration.

Zetagen has performed invitro human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC), controlled and GLP preclinical studies substantiating these claims. These data have been submitted to Health Canada and the FDA.

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