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Zetagen Therapeutics Secures 9.79 Million USD Series B Funding Raise for Advancement of ZetaMet™ (Zeta-BC-003) and ZetaMAST™ (Zeta-MBC-005)for Treatment of Metastatic Bone and Soft Tissue Lesions

11 August 2023
  • ZetaMet™ (Zeta-BC-003) is a first-of-its kind molecular pathway designed to suspend cancer, inhibit pain, and regenerate bone.
  • ZetaMet™ (Zeta-BC-003) is presently in Phase 2a clinical trials for treatment of metastatic breast cancer lesions to bone as part of advanced stage cancer therapy.
  • ZetaMAST™ (Zeta-MBC-005) is a proprietary hydrogel carrier containing a tailored concentration of our small molecule, designed for a single intra-tumoral injection to treat metastatic lesions in soft tissue organs.
  • Funding will support the progression of Company’s R&D efforts of additional oncological pipeline assets as well as ancillary osteologic treatments.

August 11, 2023, (Syracuse, New York) - Zetagen Therapeutics, a private, clinical-stage, biopharmaceutical company focused on driving breakthrough innovation in the treatment of metastatic cancers to bone and soft tissue organs as well as osteologic interventions, today announced the close of $9.79 million USD Series B funding round.

“We are pleased to have reached this key milestone in the advancement of Zetagen as a biopharmaceutical company,” said Joe C. Loy, CEO of Zetagen Therapeutics. “We have a robust and diverse pipeline of oncologic treatments in various stages of development and this funding will accelerate each asset, as well as build out the necessary expertise required to bring these important therapies to fruition.” 

The Company has been issued two Breakthrough Device Designations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for ZetaMet™ (Zeta-BC-003) and ZetaFuse® and issued multiple patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Zetagen is funded through Series A and B rounds of funding, Phase I and II National Institute of Health (NIH) / National Cancer Institute (NCI) grants and angel investors.

The Series B financing will support the advancement of the Company’s lead pipeline asset ZetaMet™ (Zeta-BC-003) which is currently in Phase 2a clinical trials for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer bone lesions as part of advanced stage cancer therapy. In addition to ZetaMet™ (Zeta-BC-003), the funding will propel the development of ZetaMAST™ (Zeta-MBC-005) for the treatment of metastatic lesions to soft tissue organs, as well as other oncologic and osteologic pipeline assets. The Company will also add new talent to support these advancing programs.

“The work being done by Zetagen is aligned with our mission of supporting research which is potentially life-changing,” said Nikhil Thakur, MD, Co-founder. “We believe the development of ZetaMet™ (Zeta-BC-003) and ZetaMAST™ (Zeta-MBC-005) – as well as the Company’s other clinical programs – have the potential to make a significant contribution to the treatment of late-stage cancers and more importantly, to the lives of those living with late-stage cancer.”

Participating in the financing round were New York Ventures and Consolidated Capital Investments, LLC, and an amalgam of private investors.

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About ZetaMet™ (Zeta-BC-003) and ZetaMAST™ (Zeta-MBC-005)

ZetaMet™ (Zeta-BC-003) is a synthetic, small-molecule, developed via a proprietary control release carrier developed to resolve bone lesions, inhibiting pain while regenerating bone, with the potential to increase survival rates. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently awarded ZetaMet™ (Zeta-BC-003) Breakthrough Designation for the treatment of metastatic bone cancer. Currently, ZetaMet™ (Zeta-BC-003) has been approved by Health Canada for a clinical trial which is currently enrolling for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer lesions to the spine. Zetagen scientists have discovered an entirely new pathway for this established molecule which, if proven successful in human clinical trials, could create a new treatment paradigm for patients living with metastatic bone lesions.

ZetaMAST™ (Zeta-MBC-005) is a proprietary novel drug being designed for patients with unresectable, multifocal breast cancer metastases to the liver, lung, or brain. ZetaMAST™ (Zeta-MBC-005) can be administered as a percutaneous injection utilizing a proprietary hydrogel carrier containing a precise, tailored concentration of our small molecule. Preclinical studies have demonstrated ZetaMAST™ (Zeta-MBC-005) may cease lesion growth, with the goal of enabling improved quality of life as part of a cancer treatment program, including longevity.

About zetagen Therapeutics

Founded in 2015, Zetagen Therapeutics is a private, clinical-stage, biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing breakthrough therapies via local administration for metastatic and primary cancers to bone and other organs.

The company's pipeline encompasses several oncological candidates targeting metastatic and primary cancers for breast, lung, brain, prostate, and sarcomas with such drugs as ZetaMet™ (Zeta-BC-003), ZetaMet-P™ (Zeta-PC-004) and ZetaMAST™ (Zeta-MBC-005).

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