Zetagen is committed to the treatment of craniomaxillofacial bone cancers through our breakthrough technologies. These discoveries, like ZetaDent™, have ancillary benefits to other oral procedures such as the 500,000 dental implants procedures completed annually.
While cancer of the oral cavity is not a common occurrence, approximately 3,500 cases are diagnosed annually. Zetagen has products in development which may have a positive impact for these patients in the near future.


ZetaDent™ is an osteo-inductive biologic intended to promote bone formation as a part of localized ridge augmentation procedures prior to dental implant placement, alveolar ridge reconstruction procedures for prosthetic treatment, and for filling of bone defects in the oral cavity.
ZetaSet™ is the first synthetic, osteo-inductive, biologic designed specifically for the treatment of osteoporotic fractures, high energy injuries with bone defects, and for patients with fractures of the tibial plateau (knee) and plafond (ankle).

The advantage for patients is that ZetaSet™ allows the broken or collapsed vertebral body to remodel and heal itself (osteogenesis) while providing the structural support needed for immediate relief.

Currently, doctors have the option of using bone cement, polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), to treat vertebral fractures. Some studies have shown long term results with PMMA may become a stress riser. Thus, ZetaSet™ would be the first osteo-inductive biologic to aid in the patient growing their own bone with like kind modulus of elasticity (strength & flexibility).

A vertebroplasty procedure is a way to treat vertebral body compression fractures, which are small breaks in the thick mass of bone that make up the front part of the spinal column “the vertebral body”. Vertebral body fractures lead to the collapse or compression of a vertebrae, causing the spine to shorten and curve forward, and result in pain and kyphosis (hunched over deformity). Thinning of bone, or osteoporosis is the main cause of vertebral compression fractures.